Detta inlägg är i samarbete med Femmeluxefinery / This post is in collaboration with Femmeluxefinery

I will try to write this post in English, but remember that I'm not the best at the language. So don't be surprised if there is any misspellings or if something is out of content. But I will try my best so you guys will understand me correctly.

I was very happy (and shocked) when Femmeluxefinery contacted me on my email if I was interested to collaborate with them. Ofc I said YES. 

Im really excited to present this collaboration for you guys! Femmeluxefinery is a well known fashion brand with the latest trends in womens clothing. They are based i UK, but runs a website so you can order from home. Their items a packed quickly and often delivired in just a couple of days (to Sweden). They have A LOT of beautiful clothes that's in affordable prices and they have everything from knitwear to party outfits. So you can really find it all on their website! Me? I find so many must haves, but I only chose four of them (for this time) that I'm gonna show to you guys today. Please remember that I'm very uncomfortable in front of the camera, so be nice ;) And we had a little problem with the rain during the photoshoot. I asked one of my friends to take this pictures, I did the settings and she pulled the button. Very good for a beginner if you ask me! I will definitely ask her for more photograph favors in the future!

First out is this beautiful Loungewear Set in khaki green. I choose this becuase.. I just love trendy cozy sets. How can someone not? I mean, it fits perfectly, looks great and it's also a super cozy outfit. Love love love. And I also are so in love with this colour. I mean, WOW. Definitley one of my favorites! Khaki green can never go wrong! Price: £19.99

The second clothing I chose was this white printed t-shirt with the text "Sweet but Psycho". I have always wanted one with that print. So now I ordered one and I can not be more satisfied. The quality is so much better than I ever Imagine! It's made of 95% viscous. Really could'nt get a better t-shirt! You can wear it ordinarily or with a knot. Price: £6.99

And the third clothing I chose was this Black High waisted leather look leggings. I really doubted these leggings. Becuase I'dont like my legs at all and don't think leggings fits well on me. But I really was suprised about these, I actually like them! The only thing was that they were a little too big for my waist, so they slipped down during the whole photoshoot. So we didn't really get a fair picture of them. But they are really comfortable and have a nice material. You can wear it with a knited sweater, blouse, shirt or just a simple t-shirt. So many options! And they look stunning. But next time I wear them I will have it with a blouse and a good looking belt. Price: £11.99

Last but not least are this Loungewear Set in black. Which is the same as the khaki version above. I could'nt just choose one, so I ordered them both. You can't have to many loungewear sets! A specially not now in the autumn. And these sets are so comfy, I love them! You can wear them when you just are at home or when you're running errands. Price: £19.99

Click on the pictures to get to each item

I'm definitely gonna continue shopping at Femmeluxefinery website. The price and the quality really suprised me! They are both budget friendly and they also have high quality. They have so much clothes to choose from and refreshes with new styles every week. It can't get any better than that!

Which one of these four items was your favorite? Mine is definitely the khaki green loungewear set!



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